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Jack To The Future podcast

Jess and Joe from our CYP Team were invited to be part of a podcast hosted by 8 year old Jack and edited by his mum Laura.

The podcast was called ‘Jack To The Future’ and explored topics from the future of science, technology and inventions, to global issues affecting our planet. This fortnightly podcast is aimed at children and grownups and covers what’s changing in the world, what the future could be like and how we can help.

The episode that Jess and Joe contributed to was titled ‘The Future of Mental Health’. Jack and his mum interviewed them via Zoom and asked questions about how we were able to support children and young people during lockdown, the main mental health difficulties we are seeing in schools and the young people we’re working with, and what we thought the future of mental health could look like for children and young people going forward.

We can’t thank Jack and Laura enough for inviting Herts Mind Network to be part of this episode and to share our thoughts and hopes for the future of children and young people’s mental health. We think Jack is amazing and is doing a fantastic job at educating and entertain adults and young people alike about what the future could hold when it comes to talking about different topics. We wish him and his mum all the best as they continue this important work!

You can listen to the ‘Future of Mental Health’ podcast episode here

You can also find out more about Jack’s podcast and listen to other episodes here

Author: Clare Rennett
Posted on: 28th September 2021