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In this session we discuss how adolescence is perceived and how to navigate interpersonal interactions in a way that promotes emotional wellbeing. This is done in the context of the types of changes adolescents experience socially, psychologically and biologically. Content centred on how to improve resilience and communication will explore the benefits of talking openly about mental health, developing a support network and managing expectations.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the session attendees will be expected to:

· Have an increased global understanding of the adolescent experience and a broader understanding of mental health

· Feel more confident holding and/or instigating a conversation around mental health and wellbeing

· Have an understanding of how to foster resilience in adolescents

· Identify key support networks of who adolescents may have conversations with

· Have a greater awareness and knowledge of support available across Hertfordshire

Thanks for your wonderful course yesterday. Already I’m applying and sharing what I’ve learnt with the parents I support at my son’s school and outside school.

Target Audience

Adolescents, youth professionals and parents/carers & families.


1.5 hours

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