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The aim of this training is to help parents, carers and family members to recognise when their young people are experiencing suicidal thoughts and provide next steps support, along with practical advice, information and signposting. There will be allotted time for questions and you will have the option to attend a short mindfulness meditation after the session.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the session attendees will be expected to:

  •   Recognise when their young person may be experiencing suicidal thoughts and to be able to talk openly about   suicide with them
  •   Feel more confident about how they can help and where they can find help from for their young person to support them with managing their suicidal thoughts
  •   Understand the importance of looking after themselves and where to access support as a parent/carer or family member supporting a young person experiencing suicidal thoughts

Target Audience

Parents, Carers and Family members over 18 only


2 hours

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