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We regularly receive positive feedback about our training and workshop sessions. Please see below for a selection of quotes from recent attendees at our training sessions:

I really enjoyed this session and learned a lot! The speakers were very passionate about helping young people and this clearly showed throughout this session. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate and I am feeling much more confident with my new found knowledge. Many thanks.

The sessions have been so invaluable for our Year 6 children and have equipped them with some tools ahead of their transition to secondary school. Thank you for the resources which I shall pass on. We hope that you can come back to Boxmoor and work with another group of children next year.

It was such great training and so engaging and interactive despite the circumstances.  I am working at home looking after my young children on my own at the moment and I find all meetings are stressful currently given the risk of interruption, background noise etc., but that was the first meeting/training session I’ve had where I felt at ease because of the set up, so I could engage and participate without worrying about them being heard etc.

Organisations we have worked with

  • Schools
  • Herts County Council
  • Services for Young People
  • ARC Rapid Response Team
  • ESMA
  • Public Health Hertfordshire
  • Hertfordshire Partnership Foundation NHS Trust
  • Hertfordshire Community Trust

Quotes about our in school workshops

The elements of our workshops that children and young people in schools and colleges across Hertfordshire said they enjoyed the most were:

The fun activities

The activities and the trainers

It was simple and easy to understand

I liked that you gave me advice on how to cope with my stress

It was interesting to learn about

The techniques to calm down

Learning about how our brain works